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RealisticTiny Embroidered Animals by Chloe Giordano

Artist Tumblr

Chloe Giordano is a self-described “illustrator, avid reader, history lover and dreadful knitter” from Buckinghamshire, England. She may not be a great knitter, but her embroidery is more than up to par. Shown here are her tiny embroidered animals, done freehand. Giordano’s mixture of multiple colored threads adds detail and dimension

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"To suggest that one’s belly, body hair or tattoo is ‘distasteful’ and should therefore be covered in the name of etiquette is the very worst sort of body fascism. If your children are traumatised by the sight of a fat person in a bikini, a bit of cellulite or a caesarean scar, then may I tentatively suggest that you aren’t raising them correctly. If seeing someone hairy wearing something skimpy renders you ‘unable to eat your lunch’ then I’m afraid my diagnosis of the problem is with your brain, not their body."

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